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Esther Bertram- vocalist, musician, composer and producer, is known throughout Europe for her work as a solo artist, front girl for German world music band Dissidenten, and her various duo constellations, her most recent being the collaboration with German producer “Mr One-Love Criminal”. Like her diverse heritage - Finnish and Australian, Esther has always struck a unique balance between contemporary folk and electronic pop – light and dark – analogue and digital.

After re-locating from Australia

in 2001 the last years have been a constant tour of Europe, 1st with her live electronic duo Pixiefish, then with Dissidenten as their lead singer, then in various duos while also playing solo between the many projects. Whilst residing in Berlin and Brighton in the U.K., these times have seen the young star performing at: MIDEM in Cannes, Madrid’s Summer Festival in the Plaza Major/Spain, Faces Festival and The World Village festival in Helsinki/Finland, the International Peace Festival in Assisi/Italy and Czechs equivalent to Woodstock with their Trutnov Festival and many more in-between. Esther has released numerous albums of both folk and electronic styles and has been nationally recognized in magazines, radio and television in various European countries.

Some of the Previously Played Venues & Festivals

"MIDEM Majestic Hotel" / Cannes / France
"Festas da Cidade" SantiagoDC / Spain
"Sage Club” Berlin" / Germany
"Faces Festival" Karjaa / Finland
"Schokoladenmuseum" Köln / Germany
"Festival Fiesta de San Isidro" /Madrid & Salamanca / Spain
"Appel Pop Festival" / Tiel / Holland
"Festival de Musica"/ Granada / Spain
"Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma" Valkeakoski / Finland
"Pirineos Sur” / Huesca / Spain
"Etnimalaga" / Beach Festival Playa Malaga / Spain
"Masala Festival" / Hanover / Germany
"Breminale" / Bremen / Germany
"Viertelfest" / Bremen / Germany
"Festival Kloster Banz" / TV Performance BR / Germany
"Festival Plauen Malzhaus" / Germany
"The Love Parade" / Berlin / Germany
"Antaris Festival" / Germany
"The VOOV Experience" / Germany
"Festival de Cine - Teatro Guerra" / Lorca / Spain
"Anfiteatro de Maracena" / Granada / Spain
"Tropikal" / Bilbao / Spain
"U&D Festival" / Würzburg / Germany
"Lauenhäger Bauernhaus" / Germany
"The Fusion Festival" / Germany
"Ramsden Memorial Hall" / Oxford / England
"Mikrokosmos" /Magdeburg / Germany
"Marktplatz" /Hamm / Germany
"Marktplatz" / Brilon / Germany
"Köln Sommer @ Schokoladenmuseum" / Germany
"Sommerbühne" / Detmold / Germany
"Neumarkt" / Herford / Germany
"Sommerfestival" / Herten / Germany
"Festival Marktplatz" / Plettenberg / Germany
"Jazz Nights @ Kulturetage" / Oldenburg / Germany
"Kulturkiste" / Uedem / Germany
"Zimmer 16" / Berlin / Germany
"Lauenhäger Bauernhaus" / Hülshagen / Germany
"Ramsden Memorial Hall" / London / UK
"Mikrokosmos" / Magdeburg / Germany
"Gedächtniskirche Streetfestival" Berlin / Germany
"Marktplatz" Hamm / Germany
"Marktplatz" Brilon / Germany
"Sommerbühne" Detmold / Germany
"Neumarkt" Herford / Germany
"Las Dalias" Ibiza / Spain
"Sommerfestival" Herten / Germany
"Festival Marktplatz" Plettenberg / Germany
"Jazz Nights / Kulturetage Oldenburg / Germany
"Bergkirchen Church" / Bergkirchen/ Germany
"Kulturkiste" Uedem / Germany
"Laboratorium" Stuttgart / Germany
"Irish Pub" Parchim / Germany
"World Village Festival" Helsinki / Finland
"Urkult Festival" / Näsåker/Sweden
"Festival Trutnov" Woodstock / Czech Republic
"United Artists for Peace" /Assisi/Italy
"Arabianra" /Helsinki / Finland
"Namur en May" / Namur / Belgium
"Osnabrücker Samstag" / Osnabrücke / Germany
"Nacht der GIX" / Elmshorn / Germany
"Wildheart Gathering" / Sussex / UK
"Glauker Festival" / Feldkirch / Austria
"Ferrara Festival" / Ferrara / Italy
"Fighting Cocks" / Kingston / London
"Workers Festival" / Valkeakoski / Finland
"Latest Bar" / Brighton / UK
"DreiKonigskirche" / Dresden / Germany
"Hundermeister" / Duisburg / Germany
"Kulturrampe" / Krefeld / Germany
"Jazz Club" / Minden / Germany
"Café Lebensart" / Greiz / Germany
"Kulturforum Fürth" / Fürth / Germany
"Festung Mark" / Magdeburg / Germany
"Mausefalle" 33 1/3" / Bonn / Germany
"Hotel Bologna" / Venice / Italy
"Teatro Alcalde" Felipe Benitez" / Cadiz / Spain
"Fiesta City" / Verviers / Belgium
"Jazz Club" / Schorndorf / Germany
"Central Lechera" / Cadiz / Spain
"Bardentreffen" / Nürnberg / Germany
"Roxy" / Ulm / Germany


Music to listen to Below are various short examples from various albums for you to listen to…These are only a selection from the work I have created so far. I also have quite a few more projects in the pipeline so stay tuned…

November Fox & The One-Love Criminal

“UNDER THE CITY TREE” - To be released in 2014, is a collaboration project with German producer “The One-Love Criminal”

Esther Bertram "THE TEA HOUSE" 2010

A Jazz/Folk/World/Roots album written with Charlie Meadows, long time friend and outstanding guitarist.

Lumi-nance "SNOW" 2009

“Solo electronic ablum, dark and dirty, each song made after midnight and in 1 night each.”

Esther & Howard "MANGO LOVE" 2008

A minimalist folk album
consisting of just
2 guitars, voice and cello

Esther Bertram "ALCHEMY OF THE HEART" 2007

A pop/folk album with some darker tones, produced as a product of some complex emotional tangles from the time in Germany.

Pixiefish "3 " 2005

When the duo that was Pixiefishexpanded to become a trio, this is what was created.

Esther Bertram "URBAN ANGEL" 2004

A minimalist folk album – Guitar, Voice and Percussion

Pixiefish "TREPTOW " 2002

The duo of Pixiefish – electronic chill created soon after arriving in berlin from Australia.


Below are various albums to purchase to enjoy in CD quality at home. CHEF’S RECOMMENDATIONS: If you are looking for something relaxing to soothe the heart and soul, I would recommend “The Tea House”. This album is my latest production and is an acoustic collaboration with my long time friend Charlie Meadows. Charlie is an outstanding guitarist from Australia and this album was created and birthed in the summer of 2010 while I was living in an old steam train station in the green countryside of England. The Tea House is a gentle and unique blend of folk, jazz, world, and roots flavours swirling together, perfect for gentle evenings in summer or cozy dark winter nights in need of some sonic light. If on the other hand you want something strong and dirty that you can play really loud then Lumi-nance “Snow” is the album for you. This one is a good one to accompany you while doing a fast frenzy house clean, having a late night party indulgence or driving to some destination in the world quite fast.

Esther Bertram - "THE TEA HOUSE" - 2010

A Jazz/Folk/World/Roots album – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion and Double Bass. CD Format £10 or download on bandcamp for £8 http://estherbertram.bandcamp.com

Lumi-nance - "SNOW" - 2009

An Electronic album – synths, fat bass lines, industrial style pushy beats with etheric vocals flying above. CD format £10 or download for £8 http://estherbertram.bandcamp.com/album/snow-lumi-nance

Esther & Howard - "MANGO LOVE" - 2008

A minimalist folk album 2 guitars, voice and cello £10 CD Format

Esther Bertram - "ALCHEMY OF THE HEART" - 2007

A pop/folk album with some darker tones – Layered Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums and percussion £10 CD Format

Esther Bertram - URBAN ANGEL - (UK Edition 2004)

A minimalist folk album - Guitar, Voice and Percussion £10 CD Format

Press Kit

Here are the relevant documents and media for any venue or festival booker. If you require anything specific in addition to this please contact me.

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  • Technical rider PDF
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  • L2 Live engagement Contract PDF
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